Izmir Shipyard

Established in 1996, Izmir Shipyard A.Ş. is a boutique shipyard, with a focus on new buildings of small to medium size aluminium and hdpe commercial vessels and patrol boats.

With more than 100 vessels around the globe our core specialty is hdpe and aluminium patrol boats, hdpe and/or aluminium workboats, hdpe and/or aluminium utility vessels, hdpe passenger boats for commercial and government customers.

Settled on the NW of the Gulf of Izmir, Turkey, it is run now by the second generation of the same family along with reputable engineers and qualified technicians. Thanks to our familty heritage, we adopted constant quality principles, used highly skilled labor and did seek for innovation!





  • We also have mobile teams on site serving not only to our exclusive Izmir Shipyard boat owners but also many other fleet owners with long term maintenence contracts. Varying from periodical maintenance check-ups, refits, accessories supply to emergency repairs. Contact us or visit our shipyard if you have any questions. We will be happy to assist.


  • We support our valuable clients via bringing about a turn key solution to their challenging demands. Starting from the first sketch we focus on the exact needs of the clients no more certainly not less.




HDPE Boats