İzmir Shipyard

Established in 1996, Izmir Shipyard A.Ş. is a boutique shipyard, with a focus on small to medium size hdpe and aluminium workboats, utility crafts and hdpe patrol boats for commercial and public customers. Settled at company owned 5000 m2 shipyard with 2000 m2 closed space on the NW of the Gulf of Izmir, Turkey, it is run now by the second generation of the family along with reputable engineers and qualified technicians. Thanks to our familty heritage, we adopted constant quality principles, used highly skilled labor and did seek for innovation!
Traditionally our love for the sea, sailing and the nature also lead us to use the most environmentally friendly technologies possible. For that reason recently, we have been investing heavily in our ability to process thermoplastic HDPE materials on any maritime shape and purpose, which is 100% recyclable. We try to combine our aluminium processing expertise along with thermoplastic processing skills and the result is comercially very successfull and proven boats like IZ1300, IZ865 and IZ1500. We have 100+ vessels around the globe now and this number is ever expanding trough mostly returning customers. Just come along to Izmir, take a free demo ride on our boats already 'in stock' and you will not regret!


İzmir Shipyard

Our valued clients of recent years...

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Izmir
- Fisheries Patrol boat x 2  & Service boat x 1
Provincial Security Directorate of Istanbul
- Police Patrol Boat x 2
Turkish Naval Forces
- Hydrographic research boat
Provincial Security Directorate of Yalova
- Police Patrol Boat x 2

Gölcük Naval Shipyard
- Manufacturing of pontoon of dry dock 1

İzmir Naval Shipyard 
- Manufacturing of pontoon of dry dock 8
Turkish Naval Forces
- Dry Dock Repair & maintenance, Minesweeper repair & maintenance Propulsion system revision, production of lifeboat
Ministry of National Defence
- Service boat

Turkish Gendarmerie
- Inland waters Patrol Boat x 4

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
- 20" Cutter suction dredger
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
- Rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) x 6

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (Department of cultural and social affairs)
- Moduler floating concert pontoon x 4
NSPA (NATO Supply Agency)
- Quality assuranca engineering service, Maintenance & repair of "EML Admirak Pitka" and "EML Admiral Wambola"

Izmir Water and Sewerage Administration (İZSU)
- Dredging and Sea Discharge line Production and installation.
Dokuz Eylül University
- Bathimetric research boat

Royal Dutch SHELL
- Floating petroleum Transportation bridges revision and engineeering service
Turkish Maritime Organization
- Ship repair and maintenance & Production of 5 X Tug Superstructure

Istanbul Municipality Constabulary
-  Fast Patrol Boat 
OPET Petrolculuk A.S.
- Project based consulting & Engineering service
Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.Ş
- Dry dock repair & maintenance
CMS Jant & Makine A.S
- Project based consulting & Engineering service
Istanbul Municipality Sağlık A.Ş
- Coastal safety Patrol Vessels (Self Righting) x 6 
Izdeniz A.Ş.
- Fleet repair and maintenance services
Royal Phuket Marina
- CSD 200 Versatil Dredger
Aselsan A.Ş
- 7,30m Boat x 8
Roketsan A.Ş
- HDPE (RHIB) Boat





HDPE Boats