İzmir Shipyard

At Izmir Shipyard, we understand that the value of any boat rests overwhelmingly in its ability to meet our clients' challanging demands. Starting from an initial concept, a sketch that often holds the personality of the future craft, Izmir Shipyard covers every aspect of the design process. We include you in every step of the way, in order to create a style that rises up to your vision and needs. We have more than 50 boats on the 7 seas and more than 30 are one of a kind!

On contrary to many shipyards, we have our own design office in house. Well it is better to put it that way: In fact we are an engineering company with a small shipyard at hand. We are developing marine engineering solutions that meet the challenging requirements for speed, performance, seakeeping and efficiency.

Our Engineering Services Include:

• Hull Form Design
• Electrical Engineering
• Structural Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Weight Analysis
• Detailed Shop Drawings
• Code for Numerical Cutting
• Lofting and Nesting
• 3D Modeling
• Interior Arrangements and Space Planning
• Performance Prediction
• Mechanical Systems Design
• Specification Preparation
• boat Refit and Redesign
• Ballast Water Management Services

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