Service & Maintenance



Service & Maintenance

Our boat service team looks after your boat like it is still one of our own. We will provide maintenance services through an annual contract offering reasonable prices regardless of the nature of your operations. This service consists of but is not limited to periodical maintenance check-ups, refits, accessories supply and emergency repairs.

  • Motor Maintenance (Service)

One of the most important items on your boat is the engine. Your annual boat repair and maintenance in Turkey should include an inspection of your engine to make sure that everything is functioning as it should be. You don’t want to go out into open water and get towed back in for emergency repairs. Seasonal maintenance for boats should always include motor maintenance that consists of checking the spark plugs, filters, fluids, water pump, fittings and anything else that fits your particular set-up. Keeping a maintenance log will make it easier to quickly look at what has been done and identify what needs to be done, which we monitor on a cloud supported online base.

  • Battery Check

Another important element in the operation of your vessel are the batteries. Check to see if your batteries are in good working order. Batteries that are three years old or less can be checked quickly and easily by making sure that the cells are filled with water. Batteries that cannot charge properly or will not hold a charge should be replaced right away. When you get your annual seasonal maintenance for boats at your local storage or boatyard, make sure to ask them to check the battery.

  • Electrical System Check

One area that you just cannot afford to ignore, yet many boat owners tend to ignore, is the electrical system. A very thorough check is required for proper boat repair and maintenance in Turkey. This is one of those services that many boat owners will gladly turn over to the experts. We can perform a complete electrical system check and conduct any electrical, electronics and radar repairs that you require as part of your overall seasonal maintenance for boats. An electrical system test includes all lights, electronics, pumps and accessories such as GPS and other related systems.

  • Water Tightness Check

Believe it or not, many boat owners forget about checking to make sure their vessel is water tight. A good check should include the hulls, seacocks and hoses. This is to ensure that there is no corrosion, cracks or leaks. The underside of the boat should be thoroughly inspected and checked for cracks or chip that could become bigger problems while out on the water. Again, this type of boat check is usually part of the services provided with boat repair and maintenance during the off-season. Make sure to ask what types of checks and services are included with your seasonal maintenance for boats.

  • Safety Check

If something were to go wrong while you were out on the water, would you be prepared? It is important to have all of the tools you will need if you ever got stranded or ran into any issues away from shore. Life jackets, fire extinguishers, flares, anchors, safety rafts, first aid kits and other essentials should all be kept in a central location so you know where they are if something happens. A “ditch bag” should also be kept. It contains essentials such as a whistle, signal mirror, handheld GPS, VHF radio, drinking water and extra batteries. That bag should be waterproof and stored with your other safety supplies.