Established in 1996, Izmir Shipyard specializes in designing and building small to medium-sized workboats, multi-purpose vessels, utility crafts, patrol, and pilot boats for commercial and governmental customers.

Located in the NW of the Gulf of Izmir, Turkey, our company-owned 120,000 sqft shipyard with 45,000 sqft of closed space is operated by the second generation of the family, along with reputable engineers and qualified technicians.

We are committed to investing in the highest quality standards, highly skilled people, environmentally friendly technologies, and innovation.

You Dream, We Build!


Boats for Professionals

We are proud to deliver innovative and efficient solutions for our professional customers all around the world. 

You dream, We build!


HPDE -High Density Polyetylene- is a strong and robust material deviated from petrol. Unlike other polyetylenes, HDPE is heavy and firm. Approximately, 1.75 kg petrol is used to produce 1 kg HDPE raw material. HDPE is lighter then water and together with its durability it becomes a preferred material for marine manufacturing purposes. HDPE boats can be shaped by molding and extrusion methods. It can be processed in workshops and can be welded with special methods. It is difficult to combine with adhesives.

HDPE is a very strong material with a density between 150.000 and 400.000. Its resistant to water and chemicals. HDPE’s mechanical composition is extremely strong on impact and tension. Normally the tension resistance is like 225-350 kgf/cm2 and heat resistance is above 100 OC. HDPE is widely used in pressure pipes, gas distribution pipes, liquid containers, machine and home appliance parts and in insulation. Lately, because of its resistance to water, it is also used in tank and boat manufacturing.

100% Recyclable

HDPE Boats are environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable. HDPE boats can be remelted and reshaped for reuse.


HDPE is not a breakable material. Its very dense, and its tension crack resistance and crack running resistance are high, the impacts remain minimum damage. HDPE boats are almost indestructible.

Maintenance Free

HDPE is a thermoplastic material and it is not corrosive unlike conventional materials. HDPE Boats require almost no maintenance. There is no need for anti-foiling, painting, wintering, dry docking etc.


HDPE is a very safe material and it is lighter than water, and HDPE Boats are literally non-sinkable. HDPE Boats also provide extra fenders around the hull of the boat that procure extra safety and protection.


HDPE is not a corrosive material. Oxygen, salt and water have no effect on HDPE.

No Antifouling

HDPE hull does not need any antifouling paint and it does not pose any toxic pollution to the nature. HDPE material provides low operation cost.

High Impact Resistance

HDPE is not a rigid material, therefore; HDPE Boats are very resistant expecially to strong weather conditions, sailing on choppy seas in comparision to the rigid conventional boats.

Long Life Cycle

Due to its chemical composition and its very nature HDPE is very durable against aging and corrosion on maritime conditions. HDPE boats' life is up to 50 years. Thus, HDPE has much longer lifespan than any other material used in maritime industry.

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Keep Your Boat in Top Shape with Izmir Shipyard's Maintenance Services

At Izmir Shipyard, our commitment to your boat doesn't end at delivery. Our boat service team looks after your boat, which is still ours forever. We provide maintenance services through an annual contract offering reasonable prices regardless of the nature of your operations. This service includes periodical maintenance check-ups, refits, accessory supply, and emergency repairs.


Izmir Shipyard Pilot Boat Series Expands: Izmir Shipyard's Innovation in Action!

Step into the world of maritime innovation with Izmir Shipyard, where advanced engineering and creative design are combined with state-of-the-art technology. Experience the development of the IZ Pilot Boat Series as it expands, demonstrating Izmir Shipyard's dedication to establishing new standards of excellence in maritime industry.